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Posted by Susanna Goldfinger on Jan 30, 2018 5:31:42 PM

Online reviews influence purchase decisions more than almost any other form of paid, earned or owned media. “A brand is no longer what we tell consumers it is. It is what consumers tell each other it is,” Scott Cook, founder of Intuit, once famously said.

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Introducing ReviewSource, an always on service that continuously supplies organic, non-incentivized Influenster reviews to brand and retailer websites-- right where consumers are shopping--driving purchase intent by dramatically expanding your brand presence and word of mouth marketing on the digital shelf.

With ReviewSource you can:

  • Generate reviews for your entire catalog without sampling
  • Increase your presence on the digital shelf and lift online sales
  • Empower brand loyalists and shoppers to tell your story
  • Improve your product's placement on Google and retailer searches

If you haven’t already, take a moment to search for your brand on - you’ll likely see thousands of reviews left by advocates who are already buying your products. Influenster has already collected over 23 million reviews from our users, and continues to receive over 1million organic new reviews per month--real testimonials from real people. 


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ReviewSource is a turnkey solution that lets consumers tell each other about your brand, and will drive awareness and purchase intent. Curious to learn more? Email or click below.  

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