Hyper-target your ideal consumer to quickly boost conversation around your products and/or services. VoxBoxes are complimentary product packages sent to targeted groups of Influensters based on social media presence and demographic & attitudinal data they submit. Our turnkey VoxBox programs are centered around targeted product trial, insights, brand and retail reviews, social advocacy, and more!




ReviewSource is an always-on service that continuously supplies organic, non-incentivized product reviews to your brand, for placement on both brand and retailer websites. Influenster receives over 1 million new organic reviews each month, and brands can take advantage of Influenster reviews on Google Shopping, or through software like Bazaarvoice and PowerReviews to reach hundreds of retailer sites!



Fresh Reviews

Influenster members leave over 1MM fresh, new reviews per month on the Influenster website and mobile app.

Delivered To You

Influenster reviews are automatically sent to your brand, either directly or through your review software account.

So You Can Share

Showcase Influenster reviews on your brand site, or use our review software  partnerships to syndicate reviews to major retailers.

User Generated Content

Authentic & Original. Members interact with brands by creating authentic content and conversations that sparks word-of-mouth marketing and social media advocacy.



Native & Sponsored Content

Influenster facilitates product discovery by featuring brands across articles, innovative tutorial videos, give-aways, award series and more! Find out how to join the ongoing conversation on Influenster.com.




Influenster can boost your existing campaign outside of physical sampling. Whether you are looking to drive contest and sweepstakes entries, increase attendance at events, promote geo-targeted digital and in-store deals, etc., Influenster can help amplify conversation and engagement around your next initative.

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Consumer Insights

Influenster delivers lightning fast results for a fraction of the cost of traditional market research.

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Lightning fast results Budget-friendly Quality insights

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