95% of shoppers check reviews before making a purchase. And people trust recommendations more than any other form of media. Think about it: when's the last time you bought anything without checking out the reviews first?

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Influenster is the place to discover new products. We have over 22 million products reviews across a range of products including beauty, food & beverage, pet care, fashion, baby care, and much, much more.

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Influenster reviews inspire ACTION! In a recent survey of our members, 72% bought products after reading about them on Influenster.

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Influenster reviews power Google search results! Yup, you heard that right. Google loves our reviews so much they asked us to use them to power the Google Shopping recommendation engine. Of course, we said yes!

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Brands can stream Influenster reviews to their dot.coms and to retailer.comsBrands can also activate on the Influenster platform to run hyper-targeted marketing programs and connect with enthusiastic, trend-setting consumers who will become vocal brand champions. Brand managers can also access their brand's reviews for free at anytime through our Review Management Suite. If you’d like to learn more, check out the Brands page. 

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So, to recap:

  • Shoppers trust reviews more than almost any other form of media.
  • Influenster is THE place for user-generated product reviews. We have over twenty-two million user-generated reviews, ratings, photos, videos, and Q&A’s. Google uses this data to power Google Shopping results.
  • Influenster reviews also live on brand.coms and retailer websites

Curious to learn about who’s writing these reviews? Check out our Members.

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About us

Influenster is a passionate community of four million plus people who love to rate and review products. We're a New York City-based startup founded by Aydin Acar and Elizabeth Scherle, and we're also the world's biggest microinfluencer network. We’re always looking for talented, passionate people to work with. Interested in joining our team? Check out the openings on our Careers page

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Influenster is a community of four million plus passionate people all over the world. Over 5k members join every day!

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With over twenty two million product reviews on Influenster, we know what’s good and what’s trending right now. We love to share our insights and create infographics about product preferences, like this candy map!




Everyday, members leave 50,000 product reviews on Influenster. They're talking about your brand! These reviews are unsolicited and organic ratings, photos, videos and questions and answers. There are three ways you can get more out of user-generated reviews on Influenster: Access, Stream and Drive. 

  • ACCESS: sign up now for the Influenster Review Management Suite (RMS), where you can read organic reviews about your brand and respond to let consumers know you hear them. The Review Management Suite is and always will be free to all brand managers.

  • DRIVE: design a program that will put your product or message in the hands of engaged, passionate Influensters who will help tell your story. Three ways brands activate Influensters to create content:

    1. Sampling: send a hyper-targeted list of members your products in the mail (or an incentive to go in-store and shop them) and are encouraged to create content about your brand.
    2. Digital: reach thousands--or millions!--of members with your digital message or offer; incentivize them to go in-store and create content with our highly gamified app and prizing 
    3. In-store: drive members in-store with geo-tagging, or utilize the Influenster scanner feature which brings reviews in store
  • STREAM: Reviews can be syndicated in realtime via Bazaarvoice or PowerReviews for use on your site and retailer sites like Walmart, Target,  Walgreens, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, and Macy's. 

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